Let me introduce you to my Mr.’s cat dog.


He is a stinky little thing but he seems to love him. His name is Jedi and in his spare time he likes to be held like a baby, fed tons of treats and be cuddled under every blanket he finds. He is a long haired chihuahua that was spoiled rotten by my husband. They were a package deal and I couldn’t do anything about it. My husband LOVES dogs. I am more of a cat person but can really do without pets. I know this is the first of many dogs to come….he’s already planning the next one!!


The Master Bedroom

It wasn’t hard for us to choose a room to start remodeling when we bought the house. If we wanted to move in soon it had to be the master bedroom. It is still a work in progress but it is a million times better than what it was. Brace yourselves for the ugly pictures below!




Yes, we were foolish enough to buy the house even though it looked like this. Fools!! Oh well, I will post updated pics soon!!

Milk and Jello??

The first cupcake post!


So I found a recipe that I have been wanting to try. Hot Milk Cake, but of course I made cupcakes. =) It is a simple cake to make and it came out yummy! I had no frosting in mind for it and in my opinion the cake would be perfect with some berries and whipped cream. My husband wanted a frosting though so I gave him the task of finding one for me to make. He turned to Pinterest and came upon Jello Frosting.

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