Milk and Jello??

The first cupcake post!


So I found a recipe that I have been wanting to try. Hot Milk Cake, but of course I made cupcakes. =) It is a simple cake to make and it came out yummy! I had no frosting in mind for it and in my opinion the cake would be perfect with some berries and whipped cream. My husband wanted a frosting though so I gave him the task of finding one for me to make. He turned to Pinterest and came upon Jello Frosting.

I liked the frosting and it is super easy to make. You can choose any flavor to go with your cake. Since this cakes flavor is pretty neutral any flavor will work. I let my husband choose the flavor and he chose melon. Not my first pick I must say but he will be eating most if not all of the cupcakes so I made it for him. I will be trying the frosting again in a flavor of my choice one day because the I liked it over all…..just not the melon flavor. =\


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